Interviu Metalhead Meeting 2016: INFERNAL TENEBRA

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Interviu Metalhead Meeting 2016: INFERNAL TENEBRA

Formatia Infernal Tenebra (Black Metal -in primii ani, Progressive Melodic Death Metal - ulterior) s-a format in anul 1999 in Istra, Croatia. Debutul trupei a fost oficializat in 2001 prin lansarea albumului 'Beneath the Twilight' dupa care a urmat o pauza in care trupa a bifat doar doua albume demo: 'Live Apocalypse' (2002) si 'Beyond the Live Side' (2003). La 4 ani distanta, Infernal Tenebra s-au reintors in forta pe scena metal croata cu albumul 'The Essence of Chaos' (2007), urmat de 'New Formed Revelations' (2012). In ianuarie 2016, Infernal Tenebra lanseaza albumul 'As Nations Fall' via Massacre Records.

Metalhead: What kind of energy you expect from the Romanian public?

Infernal Tenebra: We heard about the awesome shows in Romania, it seems the metal scene is pretty rock solid over there. I expect them to have fun during the whole festival, it sure looks sick. It’s our first time visiting Romania, we’ll do our best to make this show great.

Metalhead: How would you describe your sound to metalheads who never heard your band before?

Infernal Tenebra: I’d say we play a mix of modern and traditional mixture of death/ thrash metal with some technical and melodic elements. It’s best described by the journalists as “heavy like a mammoth and furious like Morbid Angel” (, “on this mission to sound unique at all costs they go on quite successfully” (ROCK HARD Germany), an ”artisan-arranged complex and challenging endeavor” (METAL HAMMER Germany) with “the impeccably tight musicianship showcased here is dazzling” (Terrorizer UK), “Infernal Tenebra surely do represent a new league of technically skilled Modern Death Metal bands” (ConcreteWeb).

Metalhead: What are you preparing for your show at Metalhead Meeting (new songs, anything special related to your performance)?

Infernal Tenebra: For Metalhead Meeting our setlist will be comprised of several songs off our two latest releases, “New Formed Revelations” (2012) and “As Nations Fall” (2016). We have a cool visual package that was first introduced on The Tyrants of Death European tour where we supported Suffocation and Cattle Decapitation.

Metalhead: What are the main elements that inspire your music?

Infernal Tenebra: There’s sure enough politics, religion and social themes that keeps us occupied and busy. It’s never boring. From the musical point of view, ideas are always emerging in our head. The challenge is to bring your best to materialize them into a meaningful and powerful musical concept. we’re always aiming for the perfect bland of music and lyrics. we feel it’s not only about the notes you play, it’s about the story you tell.

Metalhead: What do you think is your biggest achievement as a band?

Infernal Tenebra: Well, it’s a hard question. Maybe touring Japan in 2014, maybe touring Europe recently, maybe being able to release our records on Massacre Records, maybe the fact that we keep this beast going from 1999. I think the whole package is our biggest achievement. Every member brought something to the table at the specific moment in time, making Infernal Tenebra the band that it is today.

Metalhead: Can you name 5 awesome bands that Metalhead readers should know about?

Infernal Tenebra: Well, I cannot praise enough the guys from Rotting Christ, with whom we toured Japan in 2014. Being able to share the stage again with Kreator at Metalhead Meeting is sick. Also, I’ve seen a ton of cool bands being featured on this year’s edition. There’s enough material to explore here to even try to go search elsewhere.

Metalhead: Thank you for answering, any message you want to send to metal fans who will come to see you at MHM?

Infernal Tenebra: Thank you, we’re excited to play Metalhead Meeting 2016, can’t wait to come over and have fun with all of you. Cheers!

Infernal Tenebra vor urca pe scena Metalhead Meeting vineri, 3 iunie 2016.

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