Interviu Metalhead Meeting Festival 2017: Enemynside

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Interviu Metalhead Meeting Festival 2017: Enemynside

Continuam seria de interviuri blitzkrieg cu italienii de la Enemynside, formatie ce va concerta pe scena festivalului METALHEAD Meeting sambata, 24 iunie, incepand cu ora 2:45.

Infiintata in 1994, in Roma, Enemynside aduce la Bucuresti o doza serioasa de thrash metal, atat oldscool, cat si modern. Cu trei albume lansate si numeroase concerte sustinute in Europa, Enemynside revine in 2017 cu un set nou de piese si o reteta muzicala perfecta pentru fanii unor trupe precum Metallica sau Testament.

Metalhead: Hello and thank you for taking a little time to answer a few questionsfor our readers. Is this the first time you come to Romania?

Enemynside: Hi! Yes it’s the first time…..I mean, I ‘ve been in Bucharest on vacation last year, but I guess it doesn’t count xd.

Metalhead: What kind of energy you expect from the Romanian public?

Enemynside: We already toured the east of Europe in the past and metalheads are very involved when bands play live.

Metalhead: How would you describe your music to somebody who has never heard your band before?

Enemynside: We play 100% thrash metal! If you like testament, metallica, anthrax and exodus, you’ll enjoy enemynside too!

Metalhead: What is your favourite song to perform live?

Enemynside: The songs I prefer to play live are the new ones, expecially our first Single titled “For all the jerks”

Metalhead: What are the main elements that inspire your work?

Enemynside: I guess it’s the everyday life, it gives us a never-ending reason to stay angry and restless! About the music, the thrash metal classics keep on inspiring us as they did when we started as a band!

Metalhead: What do you think is your biggest achievement as a band and what was the biggest problem that you had to overcome as a band?

Enemynside: We’re here since 1994, I think this is our best achievement! We’ve been through a lot during our career, line-up changes, rip-off labels and managements, etc. But we’re still here enjoying what we do. The most difficult thing we experienced as a band is keeping a line-up close-knit. Every band has its ups and downs but when it comes to line up changes it’s always hard to turn the page, find new members with the right musical abilities and attitude, and move on….

Metalhead: How do you feel about the internet in the music business and how important are live concerts for a band nowadays?

Enemynside: Live concerts are the only old-school way to get your band exposed. Since internet got everything possible for everybody, there are tons of bands asking for attention through the social networks. The only result is that people get confused and overwhelmed by the offer of new music and both bad and good bands get unnoticed . The only way is to reach people live and show them you have what it takes to earn their attention!

Metalhead: Share with us your top five underrated bands that people should start listening right now.

Enemynside: Oh my god…..I just can think about one band I recently discovered: they are Hell’s Domain from Denmark, a top notch thrash metal band you must check out!

Metalhead: What are you preparing for your show at Metalhead Meeting Festival (new songs, anything special related to your performance)?

Enemynside: Can’t wait to play at metalhead meeting! We prepared a full speed set which leave you breathless! ?

Metalhead: Thank you for answering, any message you want to send those who will come to see you perform at Metalhead Meeting Festival?

Enemynside: Thanx to you and to all the mhm staff. We hope to see all the thrashers banging in the front row for a “good friendly violent fun” night! Meanwhile join the band by visiting us on facebook at www.facebook.Com/enemynside

Cea de-a sasea editie METALHEAD Meeting Festival va asteapta pe 24 si 25 iunie, la Arenele Romane din Bucuresti, cu un lineup de zile mari. Pe scena sa vor urca: Cradle Of Filth, Sepultura, Behemoth, Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions Set), Ross The Boss (classic Manowar Set) Agnostic Front, Myrkur, Bucovina, Nox Vorago, Pokerface, MartYrium, Arkana Code, Cretura, Diying Gorgeous Lies, Within The Nova, Enemynside, 5Rand si Selector.

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