La o discutie cu Alex de la Puta Vulcano - interviu

de Cristi Nedelcu

La o discutie cu Alex de la Puta Vulcano - interviu

Avand in vedere ca a mai ramas o luna pana la startul SoundArt Festival 2018, am avut ocazia sa stam de vorba cu Alex de la Puta Volcano, una dintre cele mai interesante prezente din line-up-ul evenimentul.

Originari din Atena, Puta Volcano au ales sa imbine stoner rock cu grunge-ul anilor '90 din Seattle, peste care au trantit o voce feminina exceptionala. Mai multe detalii despre “Harmony of Spheres”, ultimul album lansat de trupa, cat si despre concertul lor de la Bucuresti din cadrul SoundArt Festival 2018, aflati mai jos:

Metalhead: Hello and how are you doing? What's going on in the Puta Volcano camp at this moment?

Alex: Hi, there. With every passing day we are getting increasingly excited about our first European tour. There’s really nothing else in our minds at the moment.

Metalhead: The first thing that I thought when listening to your band was "this is a stoner band with a grunge edge!" which sounds really fresh. Would that statement be correct and if so, which bands you'd say influenced you?

Alex: Truth be told, we never felt like a stoner band. Grunge has always been our cup of tea. That said, regardless of genre, we play what feels right to us and we’re glad to hear that it sounds fresh. As far as influences go, like any band we have a long list of favourite bands, some apparent in our sound and some not so. The most common denominator between us all would be the Seattle scene in its entirety.

Metalhead: Congrats for "Harmony of Spheres", that's a really strong release. How would you say it's different compared to "The Sun" in terms of new additions to your sound and so on.

Alex: We put a fair bit more thought in making Harmony of Spheres. Once the album was finished, we felt that we had made a major step towards the sound we collectively have in our heads. As a group and as individuals we managed to be more honest musically and lyrically.

Metalhead: Going back to the past, can you tell us how the band started?

Alex: Me (guitar) & Anna (vocals) are siblings and we were into music since day 1 of their lives. So the idea of forming a band was always in our minds. After a couple of changes at the band’s early days, Steven (drums) and then Bookies (bass) came in, and that’s what Puta Volcano is today.

Metalhead: Goes without saying that Luna has a hell of a voice! Has she had studies or is it just a natural-DIY-trained talent?

Alex: She’s studied classical piano for many years and has also taken singing lessons.

Metalhead; From what I understand, this is the first time you guys are doing shows outside Greece. What are your expectations for the upcoming tour and about SoundArt Festival?

Alex: We are very happy just for being at a point in our musical careers, that allows us to travel abroad and play our music. We know for a fact that the crowds at the places we’ll visit embrace music in an honest and passionate way. Based on that, we expect a great first experience, one to be followed by many more in the coming years.

Metalhead: Are you familiar with the bands that are playing? If so, which one do you like the most?

Alex: We know for sure the Greek bands we play with: Need and Purple Dino (with the latter we will also be touring together those days). And of course Stoned Jesus, with whom we are going to play in a couple of festivals this summer.

Metalhead: Greece has a thriving stoner scene. Why do you think people in your country like this style so much?

Alex: It’s not only the stoner scene that thrives, it’s the underground rock scene in general. There are many bands that produce high quality music while at the same time doing whatever they can to share it. And the best way to do this is, is touring.

Metalhead: If you want to send a message to stoner fans that are going to come see your show, this is your chance!

Alex: Our message to all rock music fans in Romania is this: Come and enjoy the shows, support your local and international underground scene, and if you like the music tell it to the bands: may not seem much to you, but that’s what keeps them going.


Nu uitati ca ne vom vedea cu Puta Vulcano si multi altii la SoundArt Festival 2018.

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