La o discutie cu The Flying Detachment inainte de miniturneul din Romania

de Cristi Nedelcu

La o discutie cu The Flying Detachment inainte de miniturneul din Romania

The Flying Detachment au lansat albumul de debut in urma cu o saptamana si se pregatesc sa-si ia zborul in turneu la inceputul lunii noiembrie.

Din moment ce majoritatea concertelor au loc in Romania, am considerat oportun momentul de a afla mai multe detaliile despre cum o bufnita oarba din California si-a gasit locul pe coperta albumului “Eyes in the Stars, Life in the Mood”, dar si despre conditia artistului, simbolizata prin titlul materialului.

Metalhead: Hello and thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us! How are you doing?

TFD: Hi! We’re feeling great now that the album is out and we are ready to start promoting it far and wide, so thanks for the opportunity!

Metalhead: Which songs from your new album do you consider to be the strongest/catchiest, musically speaking?

TFD: We’ve never written a song specifically with the intent of it being a catchy hit, but we’ve also never limited ourselves to specific genres and styles and I think you can hear all this diversity on the album. Usually different people like different songs from the album, but for now “2:58” and “Hypno King” tend to be popular with listeners.

Metalhead: Could you explain the meaning behind the album's title?

TFD: It has to do with the realities of being a musician (or any other person who decides to follow their dreams). You realize you need to achieve a goal and you feel you have something to say to the world, but in reality it's never that easy. You have to struggle every day to be able to do what you want. Hence following your desires - “Eyes in the Stars”, means battling and overcoming the many obstacles life has in store for you - “Life in the Mud”. And you must never quit, because the only certain thing is that if you stop, you'll never get anywhere.

Metalhead: What's the story with the owl on the cover artwork?

TFD: The little guy is called Zeus and lives in the Wildlife Learning Center in California. What you see on the cover was not photoshopped - his eyes genuinely look like that because he’s blind and has stars in his eyes. We had the concept of the album and the title since the beginning of the band and when we saw Zeus on Instagram (@zeustheowl), we immediately knew we had to have him on the album cover. We contacted the nice people at the Wildlife Learning Center and they were kind enough to let us photograph him. We hired a photographer and made it happen.

Metalhead: What bands do you consider to be an important influence for you?

TFD: You could say that we are genuine music lovers, so there is a lot of music that influenced us, but the Top 3 probably would be Led Zeppelin, Type O Negative and a super unknown Canadian band called Ayahuasca (these guys are definitely worth the listen). Honorable mentions are Opeth, Down, Clutch, Devin Townsend, Pain Of Salvation...

Metalhead: What's the message or topics behind The Flying Detachment's lyrics?

TFD: They’re all emotional in a way. We don’t really have a strong statement in our music (like a political message) and we prefer to sing about emotions and human conditions because we feel this helps us connect to the music and we hope it feels the same for our listeners as well. We believe that our music has the ability to change its emotional color even within a single song, so it's not only the lyrics that carry this notion.

Metalhead: You've played at SoundArt Festival this year. How was playing in Romania for you as an experience? Any stories you'd like to share?

TFD: This was actually one of the best concert experiences we’ve had! Amazing people were involved in organizing this festival and we would definitely love to play it again if we have the opportunity. Also, the crowd was really nice and responsive to our music. I think we definitely made some fans in Bucharest. You tell us!

Metalhead: If I were to ask what's your favorite new albums from 2018 your answer would be?

TFD: The new Graveyard album is my personal favorite so far. Dirty as hell. Our home boys from Brond released a killer debut LP, called “Graveyard Campfire” in the spring. Also the new Alice in Chains record.

Metalhead: How would you describe the underground scene from your country and what bands would you recommend?

TFD: It’s a small but friendly scene. Virtually everybody knows everybody else even across genres. We would recommend Sativa, Brond, Obsidian Sea, WOPS, Panican Whyasker, Soundprophet, Velian.

Metalhead: Going back to your recent activity, you are starting a tour to promote "Eyes in the Stars, Life in the Mud". Care to share any details on this?

TFD: We will be playing in Timisoara on November 7, Cluj on November 8, Zalau on November 9 and Sibiu on November 10. After that we’ll do two gigs in Bulgaria, one in Sofia and one in Plovdiv. We hope to make it to Bucharest at some point as well, but we'll keep you posted on that one.

Metalhead: Will fans be able to purchase your new album on CD or any other merch at the shows?

TFD: Yes, we have CDs, T-shirts and cotton bags. We also just released our own chili barbecue sauce called “Riff Licker”, which is a super limited edition for now, so we'll see how it plays out.

Metalhead: I know it's early, but how would you describe the feedback received for your album, so far?

TFD: So far it’s been overwhelmingly positive. We even had a rock radio station in Australia (called Capitol Rock Radio) give us a song-by-song review of the album, which was amazing. We hope that soon it will be available for sharing.

Metalhead: Last words belong to you, so send a message to the people who are planning to come to your shows:

TFD: Thanks for reading this far and we would love to see you at our shows in Romania, grab a drink and talk about the intricacies of life! Cheers!

Datele turneului The Flying Detachment:

7 noiembrie, Timisoara – Manufactura w/ Ordog

8 noiembrie, Cluj Napoca – Hardward (fostul-Hard Club) w/ Cherry-merry

9 noiembrie, Zalau – Rock’N’Roll Center

10 noiembrie Sibiu – Underground Pub

17 noiembrie – Plovdiv – Sound.Trap

4 decembrie, Sofia – Mixtape 5

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