La o discutie cu W.E.B. inainte de miniturneul din Romania

de Cristi Nedelcu

La o discutie cu W.E.B. inainte de miniturneul din Romania

Cu ocazia celor trei concerte din Romania pe care le vor sustine alaturi de Batushka, am avut ocazia sa stam de vorba cu Sakis de la W.E.B. Trupa a lansat un nou album in 2017, intitulat “Tartarus”, primit foarte bine de presa si de fani.

Fara sa piarda din momentum, trupa a continuat sa promoveze materialul si in 2018, an destul de incarcat pentru greci.

Metalhead: Hello, what's going on in the W.E.B. camp at the moment?

Sakis Darkface: Greetings! W.E.B. at the moment are working on promoting the band and our latest album “Tartarus”. It is a tough thing to do since we are still a small band with not much of a budget but, things seems to be working good around us lately. We are satisfied yet thirsty for more!

Metalhead: "Tartarus" is definitely a more epic album. Would you say that was a characteristic which made it so well received by the fans and the press?

Sakis Darkface: I’m not sure to be honest. I believe what mostly got people might be the fact that we got into it by composing the music and the lyrics more like our first album. What I mean by that is that on “Tartarus” we let our heart guide us without thinking about it too much. All we wanted was an album with a flow of emotions and plenty of headbanging. We always imagined how the songs of “Tartarus” would sound live in concert though, so we made the album sound like a concert a bit you could say but, what a concert is all about is grabbing the audience’s attention and let them have a blast of a time. This is what we want from our concerts and same thing goes for our albums. This is what we changed from our part.

Metalhead: This time around, would you say you had a different approach to writing music? If not, could you detail what’s the writing process like for W.E.B.?

Sakis Darkface: I would like to think that we have indeed a different approach. Changing is a form of evolving and maturity after all. The writing process is exchange of ideas that come natural to any of us in the band. Then I deal with it personally and combine it all through my personal touch. If the outcome is something that we feel sounds awesome, it is gonna be in the record. We do not settle for filler songs.

Metalhead: Do you allow yourself to greatly experiment with the direction of your sound? If the answer would be yes, how far would you go?

Sakis Darkface: I am not really into experimenting, yet I always find myself doing it. W.E.B.’s music is very experimental even if you cannot tell from the first hearing. I am driven through what I want a song to speak of and the emotion I want to pass through it to the audience, so I am trying to imagine, how these emotions would be as melody and sound. Then I come up with whatever you hear on the albums and whatever drives the guys behind the consoles and the rest of the band crazy hehehe. It is difficult sometimes yet the vision is sacred and we respect it.

Metalhead: Any details you'd like to share on working with Sotiris from Septic Flesh on "Thanatos Part I"?

Sakis Darkface: Sotiris is a great person to hang out. We have known each other for years but we live far from each other so unfortunately we are not what you would say close friends. I look up to him since I was young. He is one of my music heroes. I sent him a message on a repulse. Did not think of it through. I just had this song that I had added clean vocals of mine and thought it would be very cool if Sotiris sang in there these parts. He was very happy to do so. He sent me his parts I think 2 days later and the result was so damn epic.

Metalhead: Since Tartarus is such strong release, how are you planning on following that? Have you begun writing new material?

Sakis Darkface: Actually yes. Right now we are in the process of composing new music. We have a bit of a way ahead of us but, I can say that up to now we are very pleased with how the next album is coming out. “Tartarus” is definitely a good album but we wouldn’t even bother to release another one if it was not better. Personally I am thrilled with the new material. We plan to enter the studio in the beginning of 2019.

Metalhead: You have quite a line-up going on in 2018 with the addition of Hel Pyre. How did you decide to join forces in W.E.B.?

Sakis Darkface: Me and Hel Pyre are friends for years. When I told her there is an open slot for auditions, she told me she would like to try as well. She came to the studio as well as the others, passed two auditions and here we are. We are very happy to be together since Hel Pyre is not only a great musician but also a great person and friend.

Metalhead: What's going on with the project you are sharing, Christfuck?

Sakis Darkface: It is on hold but, I think we will not do anything about it in the future. Nick who created the band decided he wants to follow a different music direction and focus on Viking metal so me and Hel were thinking of making it a duo project but by that time came up the line up change thing with W.E.B. so we ended up working together again on a more serious level. All three of us are buddies so you never know if we decide to go again in a studio together and blast some blasphemous black/thrash metal.

Metalhead: I know Hel Pyre played with King Diamond live. Any interesting stories she shared with you about that?

Sakis Darkface: Oh yes she has but, I cannot share anything of course. All I can say is that I am happy she has the privilege to have this experience.

Metalhead: What are your influences? Do you see them present in your sound or did they have other effects?

Sakis Darkface: In terms of who influenced me musically I believe it is very obvious that Iron Maiden, Metallica, King Diamond, Cradle of Filth, Septic Flesh, Type O Negative, Moonspell, Behemoth have a great deal of influence in W.E.B.

Inspiration though, well this is the real deal. Influences are some sort of far away mentors and in a way, idols. What inspires one to compose music and write lyrics is what is most important to me.

Metalhead: W.E.B. seems to have a great 2018. You shared the stage with Cradle of Filth, Moonspell and Iron Maiden. What's the most memorable show you had this year?

Sakis Darkface: I would say the Iron Maiden show. It is the biggest festival we have here in Greece. We had to be on stage on 15:30 and we didn’t know if we could survive because of our costumes, make up and pyrotechnics on 37 degrees heat. But the crowd was crazy. The people made this show special for us with their screaming, their singing, their headbanging, the wall of death and the hours we spent after that taking photos and autographs. The day ended with Iron Maiden giving probably the best concert I have ever seen from them. What a day this was…

Metalhead: Soon you are going to play three shows in Romania with Batushka. Are you preparing anything special for these shows?

Sakis Darkface: Every show of W.E.B. is a special show to us, and this is what everyone gets. But with us, you can never be sure. Unexpected surprises for our audience is one of our favorite hobbies.

Metalhead: Send a message to the Romanian metalheads you will come to see you:

Sakis Darkface: We are thrilled to visit Romania which we haven’t been to since 2009. We cannot wait to meet you people there since after Greece, the stats in all our social media, have Romania as the second country in terms of followers and viewers. We want to honor all of you and your country who’s history has inspired a great deal to our lyrics through Dracula’s both true story and myths. Prepare for your blood baptism!

Metalhead: Greece has a thriving underground scene. What extreme metal bands would you personally recommend?

Sakis Darkface: I am not the right person to answer such questions since for a long period now I don’t have the time to listen carefully, nor attend as many concerts as in the past. I will recommend though that you might want to check out Hel Pyre’s band, Afterblood which is in melodic death metal, Nikitas’ band Manhattan Project, which is an extreme progressive metal band fearing also Yiannis Papadopoulos from Beast in Black and I will keep it up to here since there are many very cool bands here that mentioning one and forgetting another is not fair.

Metalhead: Are you familiar with any bands from Romania?

Sakis Darkface: Only recently I checked out Vathos, that opens the concert in Bucharest. They are really cool band. I like the music. It has this sort of familiar magic feel to it that I absolutely dig. Other than that, forgive me but I have no knowledge. I love getting CDs from bands though. In most of our concerts there is people who come and give me CDs of their demos which I like listening to in my car. I hope I meet some band people in Romania then and maybe keep in touch.

Metalhead: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Last words go to you:

Sakis Darkface: Speaking on behalf of all of us in W.E.B. I would like to let you know once again that we feel honored that we visit your country after all this years and we will do our best that you are going to have a great time at the shows. Stay Dark – See you soon!

Trupa va concerta alaturi de Batushka in urmatoarele orase:

10.09.2018 RO/ Cluj Napoca @ Flying Circus -

11.09.2018 RO/ Timisoara @ Reflektor -

12.09.2018 RO/ Bucharest @ Quantic Club -

Pentru concertul din Bucuresti biletele se gasesc in format electronic pe si in reteaua fizica : Magazinele Flanco, Metrou Unirii 1 langa casa de bilete Metrorex, Magazinul Muzica, Magazinele IQ BOX - Telekom, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Expirat Halele Carol (in intervalul orar: 18:00-22:00), Hard Rock Cafe, Beraria H, Targul Cartii (Pasajul Latin), Agentiile Perfect Tour, Magazinele Uman si in Statiile de Plata SelfPay din toata tara.

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