Ordinul Negru au lansat clipul pentru 'Vodevil Isais'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Ordinul Negru au lansat clipul pentru 'Vodevil Isais'

Piesa este inclusa pe EP-ul "Nebuisa", material lansat pe 16 septembrie 2020, prin intermediul celor de la Loud Rage Music.

Iata ce a declarat trupa despre noul clip:

"We spread into this world with our knowledge and will, our illumination shall guide us to encapsulate all the darkness in our hands. This is our vision and was transposed beautifully by our partner, Alexandru Das. It is about a voyage of self-taught experiences and learning new ways of telluric and structural experiences and we want to crown this with this black/white concept video to enhance better our whole experience in conceiving this EP: Nebuisa."

Videoclipul a fost regizat de Alexandru Das si poate fi vazut mai jos.

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