Overkill au lansat un nou single si vor lansa si un nou album in aprilie

de Cristi Nedelcu

Overkill au lansat un nou single si vor lansa si un nou album in aprilie

Overkill au revenit dupa patru ani, cu un material nou intitulat "Scorched" care va fi lansat pe 14 aprilie si cu un nou single numit „Wicked Place”.

Albumul "Scorched" a fost mixat de Colin Richardson si asistentul sau Chris Clancy, masterizat de Maor Appelbaum iar artwork-ul e realizat de Travis Smith.

„One of my favorite rides on the record, a big thick groove reminiscent of days gone by, with a modern punch in the snoot! Get Wicked!!” a declarat solistul Bobby Blitz.

Pe noul album, Blitz a spus: „Man, it seems like for F-in ever since we chatted!!!! Ha! I tell you what, this is the longest ever between Overkill releases, Feb '19 to April '23. For me, it became my 'peterpandemic' go-to. I wrote my part, tore it down, then again and again. I found myself still changing parts while Colin was mixing! It became the normal in a very abnormal time, sanity amongst the insanity. Somewhere in Scorched that is all reflected, a common thread, it is the place I went to get what I needed, maybe what 'we' needed. It's different, that's for sure an old-school approach/mix in a modern world… was it worth the wait? You tell me… see ya on the road! Horns up!"

Albumul se poate precomanda de aici.

Mai jos puteti asculta noul single.

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