Siska la Metalhead Meeting - interviu blitz

de Cristi Nedelcu

Siska la Metalhead Meeting - interviu blitz

Incepem seria unor interviuri blitz cu formatiile care vor urca pe scena Arenelor Romane in Cadrul Metalhead Meeting. Primul interviu este cu Siska, formatia care deschide festivalul. Il puteti citi mai jos.

1.Hello and thank you for taking a little time to answer a few questions for our readers. Is this the first time you come to Romania?

Yes it's our first time in Romania! We are very glad and excited to perform our songs live in front of Romanian audience.

2.What kind of energy do you expect from the Romanian public?

We absolutely trust in well known eastern Europe metalheads energy and we are sure they won't disappoint us!

3. How would you describe your music to somebody who has never heard your band before?

Romantic Dark and violent as the title of our album said. A mix between melodic and distortion sounds to drawing dark atmosphere but with pure metal grit thanks to shred guitar solos and a powerful voice.

4. What is your favourite song to perform live?

We love to play all our songs of course, but probably our favourites are our two singles "Waiting Now" and "Nothing Left To Say", the videos are also available on youtube, take a look :). People really like them and the usually sing with us: it's the optimum fuel for us!

5. What are the main elements that inspire your work?

Life after death and wish of eternity, love, violence, other compositions talk about our way to see the world and meaning of life. Some songs just talk by themselves.

6. What do you think is your biggest achievement as a band and what was the biggest problem that you had to overcome as a band?

There are many important things we have done as Siska even if the band is quite new. We was born in 2015, the band played in South America with TIM OWENS (Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen) playin’ succesful sold out shows and conquering the hearts of the metalheads of the country. In this tour, SISKA played in important venues where bands and artists like: EUROPE, VINCE NEIL (Motley Crue), MEGADETH, SKID ROW, members of GUNS N’ ROSES, members of KISS, EPICA, Firehouse, Richie Kotzen, Kip Winger, Danger Danger, Angra, Firehouse, Steve Morse, Michael Angelo Batio and many others played in the last years.

In may 2018 SISKA were chosen by legendary SKID ROW to take part to their United World Rebellion tour across Europe another experience fool of gratification and now, the band will be in Arenele Romane an amazing and beautiful location where we want rock it.

Actually, till now we haven't got any big problem as a band. Our band is like a family if there are any problem or difficult things we like talk about it and try to solve them.

7. How do you feel about the internet in the music business and how important are live concerts for a band nowadays?

We think internet and new technologies in general are a double-edged sword. If you know how to use it, it will become a powerful help. But live concerts remain the only way to share your energy in the right way!

8. Share with us your top five underrated bands that people should start listening right now.

Well... This is a very hard question because we really listen to a lot of underrated artists. Our choices are 70's and 80's forgotten bands. For example we really would like to suggest "So Fired Up" album by Le Roux, "No Respect" by Vain, "Steel The Light" by Q5 and "Runaway" by Dakota.

9. What are you preparing for your show at Metalhead Meeting Festival (new songs, anything special related to your performance)?

We really can’t wait to play at the Metalhead Meeting! We have also prepared a something cool for Romanian audience but... We can't say anything more about it, you know it's a surprise ! :)

10. Thank you for answering, is there any message you want to send those who will come to see you perform at METALHEAD Meeting Festival?

Thanks to you and to all the staff. Visit our official website for more info:, you can find us on the social network. We have got for this gig in Bucuresti our album out " ROMANTIC DARK & VIOLENT " on vinyls and cds you can find them at the merchandise spot during the festival and will be also available worldwide on the most important digital platform and physical stores from july 13th, thanks to Big Tuna Records/Sony.

We'd like to thanks all the romanian metaheads for have choose our band for this event in Bucuresti. O Imbratisare mare pentru toti!

See you there guys!!! Horns up!

Cu Siska ne vedem in prima zi de Metalhead Meeting! Abonamentele de doua zile se gasesc online pe si in reteaua : Magazinele Flanco, Metrou Unirii 1 langa casa de bilete Metrorex, Magazinul Muzica, Magazinele IQ BOX - Telekom, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Expirat Halele Carol (in intervalul orar: 18:00-22:00), Hard Rock Cafe, Agentiile Perfect Tour, Magazinele Uman si in Statiile de Plata SelfPay din toata tara.

Acestea costa 229 de lei pana pe 5 iulie si 250 de lei la intrare. La editia din 2018 nu avem Golden Circle!

S-au pus in vanzare si bilete de o zi la pretul de 119 lei. Dupa 24 mai acestea vor costa 129 lei respectiv 150 lei la intrare.

Accesul este permis persoanelor sub 14 ani doar insotite de un adult.

Online pe, puteti plati cu cardul, prin Paypal, pe factura la Vodafone sau Orange cu plata la sfarsitul lunii sau ramburs cu plata cash prin Fan Courier oriunde in tara. Pentru grupuri mari se acorda discounturi!

Metalhead Meeting, our passion.. they wouldn't understand.

Arenele Romane - Strada Cutitul de Argint nr. 3, Parcul Carol, Bucuresti.

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