Wardruna au lansat un nou single, 'Andvervarljod'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Wardruna au lansat un nou single, 'Andvervarljod'

Noua melodie este cel de-al treilea single lansat de pe viitorul album, 'Kvitravn' care v-a sosi 22 ianuarie via Norse Music.

Einar Sellvik a declarat urmatoarele:

"On a personal level, ‘Andvevarljod’ is a song I hold very dear and it was also my starting point on the new album. Musically, it gives voice to very old song traditions and on top of that, it is voiced by some of the most central reasons why these traditions are being kept alive for us and the generations to come. Special thanks go out to our guest singers for lending us their talents and for the invaluable work they do for keeping our traditions alive!"

Single-ul 'Andvervarljod' poate fi ascultat mai jos.

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