Versuri STONE - Above The Grey Sky

Album: STONE - Emotional Playground

[Janne Joutsenniemi]

Lying on a bed, boards crunching
I'm making love - to a pillow
But you're the one I'm really thinking of
And how I found you all around the railroad
Few big pieces in a strange position
Smile on your face, no worries 'bout tomorrow

I know you're not gone
Still can smell you with me between the sheets
Look around, you're everywhere
I have all of you in this room

Watch through a mirror as I screw, I'm pushing hard
Yeah I'm coming!
I'm so lonely, I'm so blue, if you truly wanna
I'll come to you

Behind a thin line
Above the grey sky

[Leads: Roope & Nirri, Roope]

A blunt kitchen knife, feeling dizzy, reaching out for you
Will you make me happy again?
Please make me happy again!
Take me home

Watch through a mirror as I bleed, I'm trying so hard
Not to laugh
Distant voice is calling me, take me inside
Where we can be free

Behind a thin line
Above the grey sky