Versuri STONE - Another Morning

Album: STONE - Colours

[Music: Roope, Lyrics: Janne]

Another morning, sunbeams are boiling my head
I wake up to throw up my yesterday
Too late, I can't get out of the bed
This is where I'm gonna stay
Oh s**t, now it's all over the place, yellow vomit keeps on flowing
This again, my mouth is as big as my face, upstairs calling?

What have I done, to deserve this, did I even have fun?

Last night, can't remember a thing, guess we had a really good time
Yesterday, nothing was boring, today, nothing's fine

Colours on the wall, see them reaching for me
But if I close my eyes, hear the darkness so f*****g loud
Pressure in my head, the hammer's working hard
And my stomach is rolling like an overspeeding spin dryer

[Solo 1: Roope]
[Solo 2: Nirri]

I had it, I'll rip my filthy body up, or what is left of it
No sweat, few beers from a shop and I won't give a s**t
What a wonderful day, I deserve this, take a few more
And everything'll be great at least till tomorrow

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