Versuri STONE - Dead End

Album: STONE - Emotional Playground

[CD bonus]

[Roope Latvala]

Life should be played safe, secure the happy future
No extra choices to be made, center all on one goal
Leave school with best marks, university calls
Raise a huge loan, marry the brightest girl in the class

Twenty years of masterplan
The way it was meant to be

Young lovers take up another loan and buy an own house
The first hangover strikes the morning after graduating
Make two fat children, take over a huge firm
Start to repay the bank for the next century

Forty years of masterplan
The way it was meant to be

What if your company wasn't financially sound
And you didn't have the magic wand
What if you studied the wrong profession
That doesn't even interest you anymore

Would you go back to start
If you got another chance
Could it be something else
If you just let it go

[Lead: Roope]

What if your wife left you and took the kids as well
Divorce sucked all that's left of you
The house of course was sold but nothing got into your hands
The bank took its own and you were alone
Would you still believe

Now you're alone with your plan
Alone with your shattered future
Everything didn't go as planned
Where'd you make a mistake
Had a clear picture
Every move well thought out
Bitter tears dripping
Blaming the rotten society

Eighty years of masterplan
The way it was meant to be

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