Versuri STONE - Haven

Album: STONE - Emotional Playground

[Roope Latvala - Janne Joutsenniemi]

A lot of bad water is running down
Our frightened river
The reason why the big fishes seethe
They all should move away
That's what I'm trying to do
I'm close to the surface, not close enough to breathe

I'm struggling through the dirt, trying to reach the air
But I can't get to the waterfront
Already crowded and no space to share

This is my home - Where I must be
This is the only place where I'm me
This is my Haven - Where I belong
This is the place where I'm strong

[Lead: Nirri]

Woke up this morning and my fish was dead
Saw the panic on the surface, now I don't wanna leave
My wealth is here

Shore glitters gold, promising better, richer days
It's all twisted by the waves
There's nowhere they can go
Just another polluted zone
This place I call my own
I'll stay here with my own


[Leads: Nirri, Roope]

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