Versuri STONE - Mad Hatter's Den

Album: STONE - Emotional Playground

[Janne Joutsenniemi]

Let's talk about you now, darling
Look at yourself, peep inside
Tell me what do you see
Don't be afraid, go on and try
Let me help you now, tell me 'bout your past
Tell me what you recall
I can tell many dark things you wouldn't like me to see

I'll make you remember all the bad memories you try to hide
Scared to open the gates to yesterday, the truth can petrify
Be honest with me now, I know if you lie
Touch my hand and I'll know all
About you but you have to trust me, I hand over the key

Screaming voices
Paralyzing your mind
Inner compulsion
Forcing you to turn off the line

Face the past
The Mad Hatter's Den
Touch my hand
Let the past