Versuri STONE - Time Dive

Album: STONE - Emotional Playground

[CD bonus]

[Markku Niiranen - Janne Joutsenniemi]

Raining as always, the city is in pain, almost dead
Artificial lighting trying to revive the dreary scene
The land is cold, sun is behind a toxic veil
A raped city gives no shelter for the weak

Machines' low hum is constant, echoing in the streets
Air's been still for ages 'cos the wind is dead

My mother gave birth to me from a microwave womb
But I wasn't synchronized with abstract times

Grew up with the rain, never saw the sun
Neurotic climate really got to me
Tasted the cruel world with innocent eyes
The sucked all it's additive to my synthetic brain

Chemical showers keep me nervous and the skin is burning
Remote control changing the channels in my head
Won't close my eyes, programmed myself to maximize
The anxiety, still I know I don't belong here

[Lead: Roope]

Take my oxygen mask, I wanna go our for a ride
I know it's after curfew but I have to change the scene
Glide through the bleak landscape with no destination
Just trying to keep myself together, I'm about to erupt

Got a skin made of concrete, a plastic heart inside
The only problem is I don't fit in

[Lead: Nirri]

Switch myself invisible, use the radar look
Observing the view from the outside
Inhumanity is all I find much too fierce to me
It's late and I'm tired
On my way home I'll see
No friend

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