Versuri STONE - Years After

Album: STONE - Emotional Playground

[Roope Latvala - Janne Joutsenniemi]

The past years
I see them unreal
I think back
Don't know what to feel

Everytime I turn around
I find the past thrown in my face
Living in dreadful memories
That's all I have left
Waiting for the sun to rise
Does it rise to anyone

Picture this world in your hand
Name all the living things on this land
Shape the world like it's today
Results of "The American Way"

Watching the similar seasons change
The new morning will never come
Hoping for the sun to rise
Would it rise for anyone

[Lead: Nirri]

Remember the last sunset, a lifetime ago
Ever since it's been like today
The silence is pain, takes a tight grip
Darkness is the one I must obey

Looking at the sad view outside
Grey snow falling on the ground
Covering all the signs of death

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