Versuri STORMLORD - ...And Winter Was

Album: STORMLORD - At The Gates Of Utopia

[music: Bucci/Giglioni/Scazzocchio, lyrics: Bucci]

[Zeus:] "Lord of shades, I swear you...
Persephone will be your bride
By your side she will become Queen of Hades"

Since that damned day, the grim King of the Reign
of darkness was waiting for the fate to be fulfilled
Knowing not the deal the girl was gathering
flowers in the Nisa's plain when the infernal
chariot came

Suddenly the sun was covered by gloomy clouds
and an icy wind started to blow
Under her feet a deep chasm was opened wide
and with a cold embrace she was
stolen from the light

[Hades:] "The Father of gods
has decreed your doom
Since so long time
An endless reign you will rule by my side
Of death you'll be the queen!"

The Demethra's rage was so terrible that all the
earth was tormented by a long famine
A sad winterseason crawled in every land
bringing to all the men sufferings and pain
But condemned by a pomegranate
Persephone's doom was sealed