Versuri STORMLORD - The Burning Hope

Album: STORMLORD - At The Gates Of Utopia

[music: Bucci/Giglioni, lyrics: Bucci]

At the dawn of time when the Earth was young
A battle was wildly raging
The reign of Cronos fell down to pieces
by Tytan's rage he was dethroned

Under Zeus' leadership the victory was reached
In the gloomy depths
of Tartaros the tyrant was exiled

Then only wastelands and silent valleys
were left where life once dwelled
By clay and fire Prometheus created
the first man while Zeus breathed
the life into him

From the sacred hands of Gods
humanity was born
But their souls were not complete yet
'cause fear possessed Zeus' thoughts

Prometheus couldn't bear Zeus arrogance
[Prometheus:] "Mankind deserves more, they need our help!"
but the father of Gods just made his choice
[Zeus:] "I don't want them to threaten me, one day!
This mortal breed must remain as weak as the animals they are!"

So, Prometheus understood there was nothing more to do
The time for wise words comes to an end
And he decided...

To give mankind a hope
He stole the fire from
The chariot of the Sun

A spark was hidden in a hollow wood
The fire changed man's doom
But horrible was Prometheus' fate
When from the sky
Zeus saw the flames burning bright

To a column he was chained on the Caucasus peak
By Efestus he was trapped,
Tormented by an eagle's jaws