Versuri STORMLORD - War (The Supreme Art)

Album: STORMLORD - Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be

I have found the power,
in the blaze of my destiny
I have found the light,
my sword is ready for war
in the darkest realm,
where pure steel always prevails
where my bloody war is the only art
Shall we rule? Forevermore!
Raise our sword to the sky,
we have foun the power
we will dominate, we are ready for war
Dark lord of chaos, we'll spread your blood
on the battlefield
gods of brutality, our blades
will bring pure justice
omens of glory, your bright light we embrace
lightnings of steel will declare our victory in war
Supreme art of war I call you let me dominate
give me the strength of pure hatred, now my
sword is thirsty for blood
and in the dark realm of chaos
justice will prevail
for the Lords Of The Storm all we are in war