Versuri STORMLORD - Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be

Album: STORMLORD - Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be

Roma I Hail your timeless glory
overwhelming's your might
(no) mortal man stood against you
the whole world beheld in awe
of all times the greatest empire
has risen, never to fall
not a war that couldn't be won
for each enemy was slain
Ram the crosses so they all can see
open wide the Colosseum's gates

"When the light of blade, enlight the shades
storm of blazes, shine bright on fighting date
spirits of war I call, enlight the shades
spirits of war I call, prepare for mighty war"

In my heart the memory still lives
unforgotten's your past
your splendor far brighter than the sun
your beauty amazes me as I stare
the gods still watching over you
from a majestic sky
among your eternal walls
is where my spirit has to be
Forever Roma to you I belong

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