Versuri STORMWITCH - At The Break Of This Day

Album: STORMWITCH - Witchcraft

Lets hear about those days
About the olden times
When Herman beat the Romans
In this glorious fight
Now, heart the song about
All those breathless deeds
On the field of battle
The Germans found relief

Underfeated stood
The Roman Empire in those years
All other nations were enslaved
And mothers cried countless tears
The evil ones, they felt too save
Then someone came who brought there fall
He was the man who had the plan
He had the strength to free us all

At the break of this day
When the mist clears away
They are match for us, but we will stay
At the break of this day
We get on our way
And today we will have the final say

He went to Rome and then
Became the leader fort the legions of Rome
He learned their politics
And then his heart led him back home
He talked to us we followed him
And he convinced us all
They were a lot, but we were fearless
Together we stand, divided we fall

At the break...