Versuri STORMWITCH - King In The Ring

Album: STORMWITCH - Eye Of The Storm

From the land where milk and honey flows
To the land where eyes of evil glow
Far away from helter and from home
Searching for the secret of the dome.

When the last rays of daylight fall upon the sea
I can see the reflections are the key
They will show me the entrance the toil was not in vain

I walk down to the hall where wisdom reigns

To the King in the Ring!

At the shrine I fall down to my knees
Lord of Light,I'm begging won't you please
Ease my heart and help me to reveal
The Mystery,I want to break the seal
When the last rays of daylight....

It's so long ago that a living being tried
To find out the sense of life
All you need to know,the fate of every man.
Is all up in his own hand.