Versuri Stranger Aeons - Neverending Lie

Album: Stranger Aeons - eNneagon

The world without the end is scary
The nights are insecure (I’m doomed)
The terrifying silence when
The Beast comes out of his warm tomb.

In twilight that I hear the voices
The forest loudly screams his name
The serpentine disastrous noises
Keep whispering my blame.

I couldn’t tell the truth – it’s living
In my hypnotic dreams of dread
I lied to me, the Beast is tearing
My soul to pieces, will it end?

When evolution of the curse
Soaks desperately into my veins
I keep surrendering the forces
The evil Beast lives in my brains.

I open up my eyes
The vision in the skies
Reality is dead.
Neverending lie
In my broken mind
Keeps awake at night
The curse will never die.

And when I’ve reached the top of this silence
I’ve seen the fake lies in your wild eyes
I keep on searching for this lost island
I see those never-ending lies.

Within wide patterns of life
That mean to me
That give me some place to find
I’m drowning deep
going blind
I’m searching for the secrets
to be revealed
And my life
without pride,
Hides behind
my dark lies
I am not hypnotised
Brutal grin
is it mine?
As I realise
The mirror doesn’t lie
I see the grimness alive.

Lead: Dominykas
Lead: Rokas