Versuri Stranger Aeons - Welcome to Your Humble Nightmare

Album: Stranger Aeons - eNneagon

Never thought we live alone in this world only,
Never noticed all the signs of being watched,
You turn around - there’s someone lurking.
You feel the eyes on your back and shivers down the spine.

Do you believe in fate, in death or higher forces?
Is there a fortune that keeps you moving on?
Is there a fateful, crucial remorse
That brings you madness, distrustful fear of what’s out there.

And when the nights are cold
Your fear, it comes so close
And when the nights are long…

Do you want to find the truth of worlds behind us?
Do you search for evidence of life out there?
Your nightmares come to you continuously violent,
You have no peace now. This life became your own nightmare.

Your soul is screaming for remorse. Your soul is bleeding.
Your inner altitude gives in last hope.
You turn and face the shadows, darkness hears it screaming
You are afraid now. The words are being whispered loud.

Lead: Rokas

You’re falling
From surface
Down where
The shadows fall
In the face
Shocking truth
Is that all?

Lead: Rokas/Dominykas/Rokas

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