Versuri Stranger Aeons - White Noise

Album: Stranger Aeons - eNneagon

Scared, abandoned in the darkness,
Fragments pass just before the eyes.
Illusions, shadows, sights of the lightness
The voices come from beyond blind mind.

Dark faces watch you staring coldly
And every sigh gives you constant pain.
It told you “Now you’ll never be lonely
Your thoughts will never have rest again”.

I am awaken at nights,
Struggling to find all the answers of life.
The truth is what lies behind (your mind).
The fear comes from night light.

You read their signs, you rush for searching,
Your mind is full of despair - it’s blind.
You feel someone is constantly watching.
They want you to (stop or) be out of your mind.

Lead: Rokas/Kostas

I see my future in the darkness.
I see the past coming down in frames.
I hear the screams from above my inner nightmare.
The world has changed, and we are not alone.

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