Versuri Stranger Aeons - Why Raise Them?

Album: Stranger Aeons - eNneagon

Lead: Dominykas

“Pull yourself out of this shell
Release forbidden knowledge. Rebel!”
“Don’t run!”
“Don’t you dare!”
“Don’t leave us like this
As we are”

“Repent in fear
For all that you’ve done!
From now on you’ll always have scars!”
“Don’t recoil
from us!
Don’t leave us like this
As we are”

I am thy seer
The time from now on
Is yours to take care

Garden will rise and fall
Forget the paradise
forget (the paradise)

Toss in fear inside those black walls
Ashen faces filling the Halls
Looking for way out of this endless maze
“Show us the end!”

Lead: Rokas/Dominykas/Rokas

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