Strapping Young Lad Chords & Tabs

Strapping Young Lad a fost infiintata de catre Devin Townsend in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1995. La inceput, trupa a fost un one-man project, pe albumul de debut Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing, Devin Townsend interpretand majoritatea instrumentelor. In 1997, au fost recrutati si alti membrii permanenti: Jed Simon, Byron Stroud si Gene Hoglan. Stil : extreme metal Componenta : Devin Townsend chitara, voce Jed Simon chitara Byron Stroud bass Gene Hoglan tobe Discografie : Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing (1995) City (1997) Strapping......Biografie Strapping Young Lad

Underneath The Waves Tab

Undernearth The Waves Tab

Two Weeks Tab

Spirituality Tab

Skin Me Bass Tab

Skeksis Tab

Satans Ice Cream Truck Intro Tab

Satans Ice Cream Truck Solo Tab

Polyphony Tab

Oh My f*****g God (ver2) Tab

Oh My f*****g God Tab

New Black Tab

Love Tab

Japan Tab

In The Rainy Season Tab

Imperial Tab

Home Nucleonics Tab

Far Beyond Metal Bass Tab

Far Beyond Metal Tab

Dire Tab

Devour Tab

Detox (ver2) Tab

Detox Tab

Critic Tab

All Hail The New Flesh Tab

Aaa Tab

Almost Again Tab

Relentless Tab

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