Versuri Strapping Young Lad - 01. Velvet Kevorkian

Album: Strapping Young Lad - City

I Want To Be Where The Action Is
It's Time Again
We Won't Get A Second Chance
Everything Is Dying
f**k Sleep, f**k Beauty, I Know I Have To Make It Alone
It's 2:45 A.M. And I'm Freaking Out
All I Can Think Of Is Glory, And I'm Sitting In Burnaby
At 2:45 In The f*****g Morning
Freaking The f**k Out

One Month And I'm Gone Forever
f**k This Once And For All...
And Just Like All Those Bullshit Jobs
I Swore I'd Never Go Back To
I Swear I'll Never Go Back To This Life

f**k This

Can You Believe This s**t People?
All You Stupid f*****g People
With Your Useless f*****g Lives
And Your Bullshit Priorities
And Your Sick f*****g Wars
And Your Pathetic Religion
And Your s**t Music
And Your Sick f*****g Hate
Bullshit, Sitcom, North American Ignorance
A New Time Is Coming
And We Know You'll Awake In There

Who's Your Daddy?