Versuri Strapping Young Lad - 02. All Hail the New Flesh

Album: Strapping Young Lad - City

Hey Man, I'm Going To f**k This s**t Up
No Fear, No Compromise, I Want It All
I Will Never Be Afraid, And I'll Die With What I Believe

All Of You Assholes Can Stay Rotting Here
I Do No Care, I Will Not Be There
I Have Got To Save Myself
And Don't Tell Me There's No One Else

And All You Are Is All You Are...
I'm So Sorry (For You) I'm Sorry...

So All Hail The New Flesh,
Because It Suits Me Fine...

Just Get Away, You Motherfuck
And We'll Be Back If You Come
For What This Means To Me, You Piece Of s**t...
I'll See You Pigs In Hell
I Just Know Everything's Going To Be O.K.

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