Versuri Strapping Young Lad - 09. Drizzlehell

Album: Strapping Young Lad - Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing

I watch the way you move,
And I count by the way you press your eyes
And by the little things that put you down,
Ride the rails to where you are - help me thank you all,
Let me f**k you all, and by the way you b***h and masturbate,
The bold ones carry on and on the way your prayer come up
And have fun - the way to carry on

I'm a dog, I know, I'm a dog

It's the only way, it's the corner stay
Push the freight along and grant them all their little

g*****n s****y things
In the light it grows, slower than before,
"ten-four, they've got to burn, the 9.3 will come to carry on..."

Gimme some of your good loving,
I need your good loving

Dog, I'm a dog, I know I'm a dog,
I'm a dog, I know I'm a dog...

Oh, elvis yer just standin' there and completely naked

And I's jest thinkin' to m'self
"g*****n-it boy! you've come a quite a little while for

Such a little country doggie..."

And now he's touching himself in private
How may people do you know who can make it through

Life without ever buying a g*****n vowel

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