Versuri Stratovarius - Leave The Tribe

Album: Stratovarius - Stratovarius

Listen to what I have to say
We could get out of here today
I'll take you with me if you want to go
New kid of place, just let me know

I am a man, I'm not a child
And I am free, 'cause I can feel

We just have to get away
We have nowhere left to stay
We can run and we can hide
We just have to leave the tribe

Doing in our own way
We'll just let the others stay
Those who fought and those who lied
We just have to leave the tribe

Leave the tribe!

Everything is always the same
They try to make you play their game
This is the way, you're being told
Bet hear me out, you can't be sold

Ans still they roll like pigs in the mud
While you have the fire burning inside

We just have to get away....

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