Versuri Stratovarius - United

Album: Stratovarius - Stratovarius

We drifted apart on the sea of lie
Sailed into new horizons, out of sight
We lost the way, we lost the key
But the spirit was kept alive and free

Now destiny has brought us back
We are here before your eyes, we hear you cries
And that's why tonight we all make history
We're together again calling you

United we stand- divided we fall
Our destiny's here tonight with you all
Trough wind and thunder we sailed to your shore
We did not give up, so open the door

'cause we're united
We stand united

It's great to look into the eyes of a friend
And shake his hand and thank him for the years
And it's great to see you all here
We're together again calling you

United we stand divided we fall
The sun is shining for each and for all
The future is bright and there's hope in the air
Together we're singing, together we care

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