Versuri Stream Of Passion - Haunted

Album: Stream Of Passion - Live In The Real World

Dias enteros
Caminando en silencio
Apuro mis pasos
Para dejar todo atrs
Busco en la soledad
El espacio para olvidar
Esa voz que me atormenta
(Entire days I spend walking in silence
I hurry my steps to leave everything behind
In solitude I search for a space
To forget that voice that haunts me)
I live in fear
When the shadows reappear
Unleashing all their might
I never thought
Id face the demons on my own
Make it stop!
Haunted, hunted
Un suspiro que penetra mi alma
Un pensamiento constante e hiriente
S que ests ahi, aunque no puedo verte,
Nunca he podido escapar
Del yugo de tus ojos
(A whisper that digs into my soul,
a constant and upsetting thought
I know youre there, even though I cant see you
I was never able to escape from
Your cruel eyes)
With every breath I take
My heart beats faster
No matter how hard I try to unwind
Tears keep falling from my eyes
Haunted, hunted
Im down on my knees
Forever Ill mourn
The loss of my innocence

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