Versuri Striborg - Autumnal Melancholy

Album: Striborg - Autumnal Melancholy

Every reason bringeth despondency anew
Lugubrious harm in the evening gloom
Reality changing, surrealism fading
Revealing the foreboding rentless doom

Their visages melting in the eerie dawn
All hope of unity with these retcherd souls now gone
Trepidation grasping, loneliness everlasting
Content a solitory spirit with the void as one

Nature hibernating as the forest withers and falls
Into slumber, I hear the thunder and the distant calls
Every reason to be sad every reason to be mad
Unable to let go of unwelcomed sorrow

Dreary days, broning nights of melancholy unfolds
For there is alwas a story of depression to be told
Refreshing are the Autumnal mourns
For ice thoust cover the frost new born

Hidden forests, hiding secrets admist the trees
Spirits linger, ghostly whisper emanating from the breeze
Darkened evening of mysterious resplendence elapse
Into a trance of the night into Gaia's embrace

Lights flickering in the silhouetted forest
Shapes appearing formation, shadows casting there eveil glare
I stare beyond the forest and see the end of eternity
A desolate landscape of emptiness, all life gone all is bare

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