Versuri Striborg - Meandering in Sorrow

Album: Striborg - Autumnal Melancholy

Lost in your fragmented psyche shattered and torn
Wandereing aimlessly in solitude forever more
Misery and pain afflicting your emotions
Falling to your knees you scream and cry...

Utter loneliness more confusion haunting hallucinations
Psychedelic despair moaning in sorrow
Enigmatic forest growing leading to nowhere
A puzzled sigh crawling in agony

The past forgotten all traces erased the emptiness haunts
Lingering shadows, despised faces laugh in return
Echoing shrieks falling into the abyss of fire
Harrowing surreal voices multiply

There is no light at the end of the tunnel for you
No escaping the nightmare which you have built upon yourself
A fortress of sequestering differences from the norm
Sad are the trees they feel your sentience

Creepily the branches grow, elapsing as they entagle you
Rapaciously feeding on your anxieties
Tightening, suffocating breathing now shallow
The end is near, the eternal black fog casts upon you...

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