Versuri Striborg - Pernicious Paths Of Perception

Album: Striborg - Solitude

Opening the doors of madness that return
With a screaming cry from the other side
Perceiving the world through dangerous
And those ever wicked cold eyes…

Beings useless, thoughts wasted in time
A world through the most cynic of minds
Unforgiving and pure hatred a disease for eternity
Leaving the world behind buried emotions growing stale

The outlook is bleak so ever hopeless
Turning back to nothing the emptiness swallows you
You could never handle them the way they treat
Each other with such disrespect and ugliness

For the worlds beauty unfolds in the darkest forests
The man destroys all that is truly good
Those years are fading away into dust
Negativity is the only truth the rest is lies

Lies that lie beneath the presence of cowards
Weaklings suffer in their own demise
Eternal downfall of the human (disg) race
Reminding me of the importance of Mother Nature

It is better not to see the human world
Through my dark eyes gleaming with hatred

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