Versuri Striborg - Solitude

Album: Striborg - Solitude

The years of loneliness and depression imbedded through a cold soul
Lingering in the trees whispering in the breeze
Cold, still and silent nothing changes the days
Nothing changes the ways outstretching the desolate landscapes

Forgotten in a dream and the snow and frost preserves
The sadness tunneling through the reverberated scream
Scattering feelings in the autumnal gloom
Your soul is doomed to suffer in everlasting melancholy

Darkness cloaking its ominous presence in a supernatural…
Awakening of psychedelic black nightmares suffocating
Moonlit trees silhouetting the pastures of loneliness…
Broken dreams lost illusions leaving the bitter hatred

Black murky dawn, damp and freezing shadows wandering
Seething this only existence breathing every sickened breath
Lost through the woods paths leading to nowhere
Showing all the hurt for there is no ending

The wind screeching with the agony of the lies
Inner emotions suppressed through the end of time
Calling to the forest for disbelief of this pain given
Day and night the fear growing stronger surrounded by sorrow

Cloak and dagger I am the reflection of death
Before your scared eyes, did you ever see the real world?
Before all the anguish clouded its mystery
I will haunt you through bloody eyes