Versuri Striborg - The Failure Of Human Nature

Album: Striborg - Solitude

Shredded existence futile with negative accomplishments
Barron thoughts of your fellow homosapiens disgust
Intolerance breeds arrogance and the pride killing all
Thoughts of pessimism surrounding this kind

Intelligence? Every man for himself all the greed and lies
Compassion? For yourself and pretending to love those who you should care for
Bitterness… the truth built upon the years of evidence

“In deep contemplation one man is more powerful
in solitude than a million men gathered”

Narrow minded restraints of conflict
Deep seated hatred and sardonic ways of life

Love? An illusion for all discomfort in this rotten world
Lies breeding… backstabbing cowardly useless beings

The misanthropes mind patterned for all time
The hermit revels in the peace and solitude
Nature cleanses the disease roaming this earth
It is time for the bubonic plague to rear
Its ugly head for absolute (un) earthly cleansing

You had your chance to prove your manhood
Now take your place amongst all those who failed!
In the kingdom of weaklings…

As a wolf not among sheep I have wandered at night
As sheep among sheep you wasted your life
Conforming in daylight

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