Versuri Striborg - The Grandeur Of Melancholy

Album: Striborg - Solitude

Submerging into the depths of poisoned despondency
The magnificence of loneliness wandering…
Emptiness, solitude the familiar paths of long ago
Brining a sigh a cry to the eyes of cold

For the world is empty and cold a lonely soul
One spirit among many roaming essences in the trees
The forest gathers the sadness the sorrow lingers…
Overwhelming catharsis almost beautiful in its splendor

A revelation of all things lost and forgotten
Forgotten paths, ruined faces only traces of sentience
For the feeling is gone just numbness remains
This domain of nothingness devours omnipresent existence

The last cynic smile now broken all hope is lost now
Hurting the healing no longer continues…
But what about the forests embrace do you remember her?
All those years of comfort now gone…

You will always be alone…

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