Versuri Striborg - The Void and Cloudless Sky

Album: Striborg - Autumnal Melancholy

Astral projection to the stars and beyond
To a cold and mysterious vortex
Transcending mental landscapes to the void
The cloudless sky unfolds the portal of fear

Out of body experience returns to this broken shell
What is reality anymore? The nightmares? The relentless hate?
Or being at one with your cold lonely soul?

Studying these creatures all these years drives you insane
For life is always everlasting pain
The astral body wanders still in never ending wilderness
Of thought, spirit and desolate forests

Darkness enshrouds the frozen withered moon in silhouettes
Casting through the spectral trees, falling on your knees
Unable yo run away from the figure in black
Following your every dream, you're every thought

Squirming its negative aura into your diseased mind
Not even the void and cloudless sky is your escape
From all the pessimistic fears announced through the years
Of solitude, pain and despondency...

Loneliness, darkness and mesmerist tears drowning...
Coldness, desolation and transcending tears clouding...