Versuri STRIDE - Alive

Album: STRIDE - Imagine

Engine's singing through the night,
My wheels just keep on turnin'
A new days hope will come to light,
As long as the sun's still burnin'
From shore to shore I will be there,
For my heart's always beatin'
To feel the wind rush through my hair,
As long as I keep dreamin'

See the stars fall from the sky
The weather's always warmer
When you want to believe
Cause life always shows ya
To savor each moment
Never hurry and let time pass you by

Highway's rhythm keeps in time,
As white lines pass beside me
The radio plays my favourite song,
I sing to "More Than A Feeling"
The windows down and a rush of air,
The streetlight's always blinkin'
From town to town without a care,
This life is worth believing

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