Versuri STRIDE - How Far

Album: STRIDE - Imagine

I'm on my way, leavin' all behind,
My life's journey starts today
When I open my eyes, will I ever see,
The light that calls to me
I reach out.. to catch a falling star,
But my hands are worn with pain
Even though I feel,
Adrift upon the sea.
I can still be free...

Fallen, far behind the pace I've set,
Trying to explain
Callin' out to anyone who can,
Shelter me from the rain
How far.. how far away

I've come a long way, traveled so far,
To be where I am today
I can finally see a beacon in the mist,
And it's calling me
Miles and miles I've come,
Through some stormy seas,
Fought the rain and found the breeze
I've charted a dream, open sails for me,
It's my destiny

Like a ship on ocean I've been,
Feelin' so wild and free
Crossing the depths and tides I once knew,
A warmer tide sweeps me away

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