Versuri STRIDE - Time

Album: STRIDE - Imagine

Blinded by emotion,
Torn inside with so much to bear
Behind the eyes of a ghost
Who wanders anywhere
A walk within the shadows,
The echoes sing to me this song
Reminding me that moments come
Days move on

Time, there's no more time, no more time,

Each mile that I've wandered,
Upon my feet or in my mind
Has led me down a road of choice,
Each one mine
And in my darkest hours,
The hands that wind seem to say it all
Reminding me that summer
Always fades to fall

A storm is surging,
Raging on and on
Let me believe this time

Listen to me; please won't you just stand still
Because I can fall behind so easily, yeah
No more than one you're movin' on and on and on
Knowing I will always follow you

Time, I can feel it slip away
As it has throughout all of my life
It binds me to a fate,
In which I'll never see the light
Oh I long for yesterday,
Cause such pain lies deep inside
Oh the moments I've missed
I'll carry with me
'til my days run out of time

A walk within the shadows,
Echoes from my past are gone
For memories are a gift
From time that carries on

And in my darkest hours
I have watched the hourglass dissolve
Reminding me that summer
Always fades to fall

Let me believe my life's not gone
The hands have passed
And time moves on

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