Versuri STRYPER - (Waiting For) A Love That's Real

Album: STRYPER - Soldiers Under Command

[Verse 1]
She says she tries so hard to show it
She wants to say what's on her mind
Seems like he doesn't want to know it
She says he's always so unkind

But she's not giving up
Until he sees
Her live inside is heavenly

I love you, I want you
But that won't change the way I feel
I love you, I want you
I don't want love that's just not real

[Verse 2]
It seems like nothing's getting better
She knows she just can't carry on
She always thought it would last forever
But now she knows that it's not love

She waits so patiently for perfect love
She knows someday it will come from above

[Repeat Chorus]

She waits for Godly love
Knowing that someday it will come from above

[Repeat Chorus ]

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