Chica Me Tipo Chords - Sublime

I noticed there's no chords around for this awesome little song so I decided to tab my
This is my first tab, so bear with me. I'm not sure if the key is correct, but the
works, just give it a try. I posted the lyrics I found on some website a while back as 
as their english translations in round bracktets.

Note 1: when a line appears to end with the Dm chord in the verse, just keep playing it
you hit the A# in the next line (in other words, don't break your strumming pattern just
the next chord is on a different line)

Note 2: the chords in the [square brackets] aren't played in the song, but you can play
if you want.


Dm A# A
Dm A# A

DmA#A Dm A#ADm
No importa que se lleva, porque todo se quitara
(It doesn't matter what she wears, because she is going to take everything off)

A#    A   Dm  [A#   A]
Ay, no puedo verlo, ni en pintura
(But I can't look at her, not even in paint)

A  Abm
Cuando empecemos, no me dio cuenta
(When we begin, I didn't realize)

De que luego, tuviera que pagar
(That afterwards, I would have to pay)

C   G   D        FCD
pero si se cambie, me voy a acostarme con ti, con ti
(But if she changes, I will lay down with you, with you)

Dm A#m A
Dm A#m A

Dm    A#m     A     Dm  A#m    ADm
No me propongo predicar, vive y deja vivir
(I don't set out to preach, live and let live)

A#mADm   [A#m   A]]
Pero el amigo es un condon en el bolsillo
(But the friend is a condom in the pocket)

A  Abm
Yo no soy medico, no soy chapusero
(I am not a doctor, I am not a joker)

C#m    E
Solamente soy pobre, y ya estoy tan solo
(I am only poor, and already so alone)

C    G
Pero si se cambie, ella seria la mia,
(But if she changes, she will be mine)

D    FC      D
para ser poseido en propiedad, en propiedad
(To be possessed in property, in property)

Dm A#m A
Dm A#m A
Dm A#m A
Dm A#m A

A Abm C#m E

C    G
I've got to get it all for you, Oh what can I do?

DF      CD
I will lay down anytime with her, with her....

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