Versuri Sublime - Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. I

We've got you in this fuckin' movie to exterminate all the lunatics all at
once with a filtering system of God. We're the psycho-semantic police,
you can't even see us. How in the f**k can you do anything about it?

We're pure intelligence, your not. Your biological product of a
cosmological universe. Your molecular matter, I constructed you, f**k you.
I made you up, you didn't make me up, you got it backwards. You know who
you are? Your fuckin' semantic blockage, that's what made you up. You're
a fuckin' programmer named Christine Gontara.

You f****d up.
She sucked my cock, fell in love, and she was locked in. She's gonna get her second
chance to suck my cock again. If she turns me down, she's gonna go
straight to hell, she won't pass go, she'll never fuckin' win.

She's the c**t that thought she was God, but that's OK, I don't give a s**t.
As long as she sucks me off when I tell her. 'Cause she's my zombie.
I captured that mother f****r, and she's my cassette. I want that cock
sucker to send me at least fifty-thousand fuckin' dollars.

If she can't do it I'll try ten. If she can't do that, I'll try five, but that's it.
If you got a dowry of five thousand dollars, come out here and suck me
off, do what I tell you from now on, then you can join me for eternal time.