Versuri Suburban Legends - You

Album: Suburban Legends - Rump Shaker

I see you everywhere, but why aren't you with me
I've got so much to offer: fun / sensitivity
But you are too cool to talk to me
All your friends jibber-jabbering junk that you are way out of my league
So come on tonight Be by my side All right Cause I like you
Look into my eyes
I like you
I can guarantee you; I'm not like other guys
I like you
Come on and give me a try
I like you
There must be something I can do to change your mind
Every story starts like this one
End it here with me
I can't believe what you're saying
You say it will never be
So now I'm frowning all the time
Just because your stupid friends have ruined everything and now you'll
never be mine The trees are changing colors I'll still be around My love
will never falter Nothing can tie me down You are a goddess to me