Suffocation Chords & Tabs

Trupa americana de death metal Suffocation s-a infiintat in 1990 in Long Island, New York. Suffocation au infiintat un subgen al stilului metal, denumit ca brutal death metal. Alaturi de formatii ca Immolation, Mortician si Incantation, Suffocation sunt considerati ca facand parte din valul de New York death metal. Formatia a iesit in evidenta si prin faptul ca are in componenta doi muzicieni afro-americani, bateristul Mike Smith si chitaristul Terrance Hobbs, un lucru mai putin intalnit pe scena metalului extrem. Albumul de debut se......Biografie Suffocation

Torn Into Enthrallment Tab

Thrones Of Blood Tab

Synthetically Revived Tab

Soul To Deny Tab

Redemtion Intro Tab

Pierced From Within Tab

Mass Obliteration Tab

Infecting The Crypts Tab

Human Waste Tab

Funeral Inception Tab

Demise Of The Clone Tab

Creed Of The Infidel Solo Tab

Catatonia (ver2) Tab

Catatonia Tab

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