Versuri Suffocation - Marital Decimation

Album: Suffocation - Breeding The Spawn

I sit as tomorrow I die and today I will unburden my soul. These
events have tortured me, and destroyed me. I can still hear her
faint screams engulfed in the atmosphere around me. The stench of
ammonia still encircles the room where her disemboweled corpse lies.
One night returning home, much intoxicated, I fancied my wife to
avoid me.
I seized her with the fury of a demon instantaneously possessed. I
knew myself no longer. My original soul, at once to leave my body
and a more fiendish malevolence, gin - nurtured, thrilled every
fibre of my frame.
At an instant, I grabbed the knife from the kitchen and left an
incision from ear to ear. In turn, her limp weak corpse fell
instantaneously. I, in return having received much pleasure from the
initial blow, had begun to cut into her abdomen. Once inside, I
began exploring the regions of her innards. The warm blood still
running, the warm blood still running down my hands is cold and
I began to remove her intestines, stopping to take a little nibble
or tow. Her uterus seems to mesmerize me as I bury my head into it
and lose myself into a world of the subconscious. For now I know the
many pleasures of my wife, and I will soon be joining her. (Solo: