Versuri Suffocation - Mental Hemorrhage

Album: Suffocation - Blood Oath

Disconnected from virtuous opinions
a shift of reality
transposed and redefined
remedial decisions become complex.
Voices come from all angles
sifting through
disorder to scheive stability.
So many ways to choose.
Vile atrocities fill one corner.

Righteousness and honesty
cing to a small fragment.
Greed and power
jump around at frantic pace.

Admission off inner conflict
drops one to his knees
make them stop, make them stop,
stop whispering to me.

It doesn't want to hurt anymore
one can't decipher right or wrong
disablement of neural senses
relish in the thought
of self preservation.

Scars inside his head,
he now only sees in red
truth erodes over time,
expiring what's left of his find

Rip the flesh - Tear the limb
blood pours from within
Rip the flesh - Tear the limb
blood pours from within

[Solo: Marchais]

Visions of tranquility
shrouded by violence.
Peace and serenity clouds over.

Now broken and exposed
by inept judgement
the end draws close
he knows what he must do
Thoughts within
guide him down the path
knows one will
survive the aftermath.

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